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Kris was raised in a middle class family in the Chicago suburbs. As a child, Kris was diagnosed with Dysgraphia (a learning disability) and a speech disability. It was only in fourth grade that an instructor realized Kris couldn't read and helped her parents seek intervention. Within a year of proper diagnosis, Kris was reading at a 12th grade level. She took the ACT at the end of her freshman year of high school and scored a 32, top 97th percentile nationally out of the 2 million test takers of the ACT entrance exam. 

After being awarded a scholarship, Kris moved to Cedar Rapids to attend college at Mount Mercy University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude BA in History with Minor endorsements in Sociology and Religious Studies. She graduated in 3.5 years and in her last two semesters, Kris worked two part-time jobs, totaling 40+ hours a week to pay for her education.

She started her career at FedEx, moving from part-time to full-time as manager of the local stores. Kris worked at the Hotel Kirkwood in management and training before moving to work real estate as a licensed realtor and as a property manager locally in neighboring Buchanan County. Kris’s work in real estate has given her a passion for expanding quality and affordable housing accessibility to people across Iowa. Recently, she was awarded the MVP Award for the Iowa Realty Downtown office. 

Kris and her husband, Mark, met in college before relocating to Center Point where they’ve resided the last fourteen years. Mark is a science teacher at Alburnett High School, president of the local chapter of the Iowa State Education Association, and broadcaster for the high school’s sports teams. The Nalls have two children who attend elementary school in the Center Point-Urbana Community School District.

In addition to her professional career, Nall currently serves on Center Point’s Planning and Zoning Board and previously served on a committee to review and update CPUSD's Developed Special Education Services Plan. Nall’s son has an IEP and the committee included special education teachers, general education teachers, administrators, parents of eligible individuals, and GWAEA reps.



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House District 83 represents Mount Vernon, Lisbon, Center Point, and the majority of outer Linn County.




As a product of both public and private schools, and as mom who sends her kids to Center Point-Urbana Community schools, I know how critical public education is to every child's success. We need to fund our public schools so that teachers can make sure students with different needs and learning disabilities aren't left behind in our classrooms.


When both of our kids were born premature at UIowa's and St. Luke's NICU, the nurses and doctors worked tirelessly to care for them. But when our daughter was born premature, our family ended up with over $30,000 in medical debt and were left to navigate the healthcare system alone. That's not how it should be. We need to expand quality, affordable healthcare services across Iowa and provide access to the families who need them.

Affordable Housing

My work in real estate has given me a passion for expanding affordable housing opportunities in Linn County, Buchanan County, and across the state of Iowa. Too many working families aren't able to afford quality housing and we need to expand affordable housing options from multi-family housing to senior housing to help Iowa continue to grow, especially in our rural communities.


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